the-jewelled-jaguarTHE JEWELLED JAGUAR

(another MG mystery published by Firefly Press)

“When a hole in the ground opened up and swallowed my mum, my life changed forever.”

With his mother in a coma in hospital Griffin is sent to stay with the uncle and aunt he hasn’t seen in years. His cousin, Cinnamon makes it very clear she doesn’t want him there. When the children accidently uncover a plot to steal the fabulous Jewelled Jaguar (a priceless Aztec Knife) they find themselves in deadly danger. Griffin and Cinnamon must escape a murderous villain in the labyrinth of secret tunnels beneath their home.



THE SHIVER STONE COVERMiddle Grade/Mystery Adventure
When the local sculptor disappears, Carys helps his son search for him. But a sinister stranger is also eager to find Jago’s father.

The sculptor reappears and a dark secret from the past is revealed: illegal activities that resulted in the death of a pony and serious injury to a child. That child, now grown up, is out for revenge and it’s the sculptor’s little dog that’s in danger.

A cliff top struggle, beside the mysterious Shiver Stone, results in the dog plummeting into the ocean far below. Carys must summon all her skill and courage if she is to save Tia’s life – and her own.



Middle Grade/Mystery Adventure

Tarantula TideSmugglers and Vikings – Shetland should be a fascinating place for a holiday, but Jack is harbouring a secret and is less than enthusiastic to be there. Then he meets Izzie and her exotic pets and things become more interesting: Jack finds an unexpected visitor underneath the fridge; the wandering tramp is not what he seems, and each night a mysterious person waits on the beach outside Jack’s cottage.But what do all these have to do with an unusual visitor named Octavia? Jack and Izzie find themselves in the middle of a dangerous adventure, wondering what the next tide will bring to the land of the Viking Fire Festival. Tarantula Tide was the winner of the Kelpies Prize and also won the Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award 2010.

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